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Michael Anastassiades, Toogood, Małgorzata Bany, Raamwerk, Graux & Baeyens

Issue #4 — May 14, 2020
Today: Michael Anastassiades, Toogood, Małgorzata Bany, Raamwerk, Graux & Baeyens
Thu, May 14. Welcome back!
Sneaking into others room without a notice. I guess it’s truly human feature to secretly observe, while no one is watching. It’s getting even more exciting when it comes to - WORKSHOPS - the enigmatic and occult spaces where the magic happens.  
This time we go to LONDON. Basing on my genuinely personal taste, I’ve decided to sneak into to some of 3 talented and inspiring artist and designers.
Through the lens of Kasia Bobula, we will firstly take a look at the Studio Michael Anastassiades- who’s work is by no means limited to lighting design, though those graphic, characterful compositions play a large role in what he does. Later on we continue with the HOUSE of TOOGOOD, where Faye Toogood has utterly presented her personal vision as a curator, showcasing some of the crucial talents from the local scene of art, like Małgorzata Bany - young emerging designer who moves seamlessly between sculpture and furniture.
To dig a little bit deeper, I additionally recommend you to listen to the new release of Modern Home podcast where presenter Matt Gibberd invites British designer Faye Toogood on for a chat about her work, life and approach to design, as well her three favourite living spaces around the world. It was a remarkably easy episode to set up, given that the two are married and share an apartment, along with their three young daughters.
As a dessert - just a few amazing art and workshop spaces which we published in Thisispaper Magazine.
Atelierwoning by Raamwerk and Van Gelder Tilleman
House of Toogood
Studio Michael Anastassiades
Designer Małgorzata Bany's creative live/work space in north London
Designer Faye Toogood talks work, life and homes
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